Underwater Inspection Services

Himmelhoff Dock Partial Inspection
Completed February 2014

Rioux Engineering LLC is fully equipped to perform a wide array of above and below water inspection services.  Having been flooded by Super Storm Sandy, the Owner of the Jersey City, NJ based maritime facility noticed that a building located upland of the high level concrete platform had undergone severe settlement.  Accordingly, RE was contracted to perform a limited inspection  of the portion of the dock adjacent to the building, provide documentation of the existing conditions and evaluate the likelihood that the damage was exacerbated by Sandy.  The scope of work included a Level I Post Event Inspection and a complete review of the environmental factors that may have attributed to the rapid settlement of the building.

Municipal Project Administration

Bridge & Bulkhead Construction Berths S1, E1 and E2
Completed May 2014

Rioux Engineering LLC has served as the engineer of record (EOR) for the administration and inspection of the federally funded project that included the construction of a new access bridge, approximately 1,300 lf of heavy steel sheet pile bulkhead and the site grading.  Our role included daily inspections, contract negotiations, submittal reviews, of the Contractor's Applications for Payment, to contractors and the administrative closeout of the project.  As the EOR we worked closely with the contractor and coordinated between the Project Owner, the Landowner and the Federal Economic Development Administration.

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Hydrographic/Sediment Sampling Services

Sylvan Lake
Completed August 2013

Being one of the shallow coastal lakes that was flooded and filled with sand when Super Storm Sandy impacted the New Jersey coastal communities, the town of Avon-By-The-Sea realized what an important part of the community Sylvan Lake is.  In order to better asses the effects of sandy, RE was hired as a consultant to the Township's Engineer to perform the collection of hydrographic data  The processed data was then utilized to prepare a record survey and dredge plan that was utilized to determine the locations of mandatory sediment sampling.  Additionally, RE in conjunction with the Engineer's personnel performed the sediment sampling.

Hydrographic Services

Greenville Yards
Completed June 2014

Rioux Engineering LLC is equipped with several boats and the state of the art echo sounders, computers and software for the performance of hydrographic/bathymetric data collection and sediment sampling.  In order to determine and map the existing depths within the channel and barge berth at Greenville Yards, RE was asked to collect and process the hydrographic data.  This data was then delivered to RE's client who is preparing the record survey and dredge plans that will be utilized for obtaining the appropriate permits.  The scope of work included the sounding of a 1500 foot x 250 foot area with transects spaced at 25 feet and locating the existing mooring piles.

Private/Developer Services

103 Market Street Building Assessment

Having suffered severe damage as caused by the impact of a commuter bus, the development firm that owns the building reached out to area contractors that are experienced with the shoring and stabilization of buildings and select demolition services.  With a full understanding of the potential for the building to collapse into the adjoining six lane roadway, Rioux Engineering LLC was contacted and asked to provide emergency services that included a stability assessment of the building and onsite professional services that included developing a plan for the protection of public safety and the removal of the bus. After the performance of select demolition and the extraction of the bus, RE's scope of work included resident engineer services, select demolition planning, development of stabilization and weatherproofing plans and Engineer of Record Inspection services.